Sunday, November 19, 2006

Welcome to the New Swainlife Blog

I have switched over to Beta Blogger for a variety of reasons, but basically it comes down to the fact that it just offers more possibilities than regular blogger (not to mention it's free). It gives me more power to design my own page and offers cool new things like "labels" where I can sort my posts by topics. I realize that other blogging tools offer some of these things, but blogger is free and because it is part of Google it seems to always be improving.

If you are a Christian leader and are interested in blogging here is a great resource on how to set up your own blog. Also, Tall Skinny Kiwi has some great posts which explain blogging and how to be a better blogger. If you are a Christian leader who has not yet considered blogging you might want to. It is a great way to stay connected to those that you minister to and with. It is a way to be both a voice that challenges the status quo around us and allows others to challenge us when we are off base. It gives us a chance to have discussions with those whom we might never cross paths with in everyday life or on topics that are considered taboo in social settings(A friend of mine recently had an online discussion with an atheist through his blog). If my supplication for you to blog is not enough here is a post called "Why Every Pastor Should Blog".

If you have any questions or need any help getting started feel free to drop me an e-mail.