Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas lights and Bailey Flights

Santiago is always changing with the seasons and the different people that are coming and going. This year the city hung some new Christmas lights so today I thought that I would get some shots around the city. While I was out I stopped by the cafe to hang out with Jacob. While I was there I got some cool shots of the cafe and tried to capture a little of the atmosphere inside.

Jacob and Tania planned their Christmas trip to the states months ago and tomorrow morning they will begin the 27 hour treck at 5am local time. Please pray for their travels if you are reading this on the 12th. Also pray that their time at home with family will be rich and restful as well as a good time to connect with friends. I have more photos that I would like to load to show you what I saw today. If you want to see them I will be posting them in my Sights in SdC blog.