Sunday, December 31, 2006

Open Source Programs... errr Free Stuff!

This week I was looking on Amazon to cash in some Christmas gift certificates. Lately I have been interested in improving the look of our web site. I was looking for a program that would be easy for someone who does not like HTML code, but that will look professional in the end. I was blown away by the cost of the programs that looked like they would give the best results for example Dreamweaver weighs in at $383. That's great for someone who wants to design webpages for their profession, but what about someone who wants to dabble around in it on the weekend for fun. As I read about the more affordable programs it looked as if they were affordable because they were less user friendly.

Then I remembered a site I stumble upon the other day. is a site chalked full of open source programs that you can download legally for free. They have an equivalent to photoshop called gimpshop. When you look at a program it tells you it's equivalent. If you download it and it's cruddy or you find yourself to busy to learn it you are not out any cash. I just wanted to pass along the word.