Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the Swains...

...because we live in Santiago, that is.

Today is a typical Santiago dC day in winter. It is raining. I am talking about the kind of rain that breaks umbrellas, and has most people walking around with their pants wet from the knees down because the water is falling sideways kind of rain. SdC is a walking culture (there just is not space for cars) so on days like today you either grab your umbrella and brave the weather or stay indoors drinking tea and coffee. Those who do brave the outside will eventually go somewhere warm and dry to grab a tea or coffee as well.

On days like today, cafes become a warm refuge of conversation and friends where the brave souls who have gone outdoors go to get warm and forget the weather for a few miniutes. Today that's where I am. I'm working the morning shift at the cafe. At 3 Lori is going to come and relieve me and I will take Abi to school for the afternoon. Our dear friends and teammates, the Baileys, return from their visit to States this weekend. That should be a good reunion and we are looking forward to their return.

Well, I hope you have a good day. I am going to return to sipping my hot coffee!