Saturday, January 13, 2007

Recent Happenings in SdC

Chris Warren just finished a six month stint in Russia and has come to Spain to give us a hand over the next month or so. (Photo: Russian Candy Bar with "Father Frost"that Chris Brought from Russia. )We have been following his time in Russia and in Athens on some of his blogs.

Chris has been teaching me all kinds of wonderful things about the world of blogging. He showed me some cool things like Google's RSS reader which is very user friendly (especially if you already have a gmail account). He also showed me the Google analytics site. It is a site tracker that gives you many beautiful charts and pretty pictures that show who is visiting your pages and where they come from etc. It looks awesome and I plan on leaving sitemeter behind as I have been wooed by google's simplicity, high quality, and breadth of info.

If you are a blogger Tall Skinny Kiwi recently did an excellent post to give some helpful pointers on how to be a better blogger as well as some general blogging wisdom. I also read this collection of ideas on how to be a better writer. I hope that some of them sink in, because I know that I have much to learn in the area of writing.

Photos, Photos, Photos! Yes I have added some new photos from the holidays which you can see here.