Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spring Time

Last week was Semana Santa in Santiago which means everything came to a grinding halt except for the processionals (like this one that Jacob was in) and tourists who winded their way through the ancient cobblestone streets of the old city. Lori and I were pleased to have the girls home with us as they did not have school. Lori ordered the book "It's all too Much" to help us with spring cleaning and the whole family has appreciated removing our excess stuff.

On Thursday we took the girls on a day trip to the northern coast of Galicia. We had a picnic at these large cliffs that have been carved out by the ocean tides. The cliffs have unique formations that look like flying buttresses and have been donned "the Cathedrals".

On the weekend we finally enjoyed a break in Santiago's cold and rainy winter weather for weather that was slightly more sunny and somewhat springlike. We enjoyed catching up with some friends in SdC on the weekend and having a quiet easter celebration at home. Lori has posted some recent photos here.

I have been reading "The World is Flat" and been thinking abouts it's implications on both the church and missions. It has impressed upon me the need for us to be aware and awake to the changes in the world in which we live.