Friday, June 29, 2007

Final Preparations

I am sitting in our sparsely furnished house as I am waiting for the movers to come and take away the pile of boxes in our front room. We are pretty much living in our kitchen now where we have a kitchen table, one cushioned chair and a laptop that serves as our main line of communication to the outside world as well as our home entertainment system. I remember sitting in this same chair six and a half years ago in our new apartment as I was first writing about my experiences in this new culture. Now I look back three children later and cannot believe how quickly the time has passed nor how much I have learned about myself and God during our time here.
This past week other than packing we have been saying goodbye to friends. My good friend Marcel came down from the Netherlands to see us before we return to the states. We had fun catching up and enjoying the local festivities for St. John's day. Bonfires are built throughout the city and people jump over the fire (Yes there is a man jumping over the fire in the photo above). Traditionally this was done to get rid of evil spirits, but today I think it is done just to prove that one is tough. Quite interesting to watch if you are ever in Galicia for Dia de San Juan.Last night we had our going away party at a local cafe. Jacob and I realized as we looked around our circle of friends that we knew most of them thanks to Terra Nova. It was a bitter-sweet time as we said goodbyes, but we definitely feel blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends.Jacob and Tania are heading out today for Asturias where Tania's grandparents live. They will be spending a week there and then return to the west coast USA where they are planning on settling in Salem, Oregon. Please pray for them as they travel. Pray for health for their entire family and that as they move back into the states that it will be a relatively smooth transition.

Photos, photos, photos. I have been unable to blog all that has been happening in recent weeks, but have continue to add new photos and some video. You can visit my albums in the side columns.