Monday, July 2, 2007

Top 25...

...things I want to remember from my time in Spain.

1) Coffees in Spain that can take longer than lunches in the states.
2) It is important simply to BE with people you don't have to DO anything.
3) Poco a Poco- Not everything has to be done in one sitting
4) There are at least one thousand different ways to make pork products.
5) The smell of tortilla, barbecue, smoke and ocean air.
6) Thick rich Spanish espresso or liquid gold as I like to say.
7) The sunrise when Abi was born, the elevator ride where Isa was almost born before we arrived in the delivery room, and the sunny breezy hospital room that we hung out in when Eden was born.
8) Driving down little cobble-stone streets with only only a few inches clearance on either side.
9) My friends at GBU and Terra Nova.
10)The beautiful jagged Galicia shoreline and numerous beaches.
11) The Flamenco group that we watched in Mojakar.
12) Our yearly camino feast at Porto Marin.
13) Being wet from the thighs down during the winter rains and have shoes grow mold.
14) Working all nighters during the 25th of July at the cafe.
15) The conversations in Burroquita de Belen and Finlandon.
16) Dos besos to greet a friend and affectionately grabbing someone by the back of the neck to show you care about them.
17) Being sensitive to how the words I use might be understood by others with a different background from my own.
18) God loves us for who we are and not what we do.
19) It is good to truly listen before we speak.
20) It is really, really difficult to learn a second language.
21) It is really, really worth the effort to learn a second language.
22) The first time I had Octopus and liked it at Dezaseis.
23) The amazing students who came through as interns and on summer teams.
24) The people that I met from all over Europe.
25) That we have already started our pilgrimage, but that we have not yet arrived at our destination.