Tuesday, August 28, 2007

World Insight: Indonesia

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I heard some people speak this weekend about the ministry needs for Indonesia. Some of the stats they shared are below:

Islam Today
-1/5 of world population
-Fastest growing religion

Asian Muslims:
-2/3 of all Muslim peoples
-High concentration of unreached people groups
-More than half of the world’s 57 mega-cities are in Islamic Asia.
-Major representation of the world’s poor and neglected live in these same areas.

Indonesian Muslims:
-World’s largest number of Muslims.
-88% of the population is Muslim (220 million)
-127 UPGs (Unreached People Groups)
-UPG 65% of population (162 million)
UPG: People group over 10,000 people with less than 1% gospelization.

Mission Work in Indonesia:
-98% of missionaries are among the already reached (30 million)
-Only 2% are working among UPGS (163 million)
-90% of workers among UPGs quit within 5 years.