Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Post-Congregational Christians

I stumbled across an interesting blog post today entitled Reaching the Post-Congregational Christian.

As I read this three things immediately came to mind.

1) We as a church need to continue to be about more than disseminating information. In the world of the internet information abounds, so if the church is only about getting information out, than we are missing so much of our calling, especially what it means to make disciples.

2) Technology can help us meet some of these people where they are. Technology is a useful tool and has been helpful to me in the sharpening of my faith. I regularly follow blogs of other people in wide range of ministries and I am challenged. On a few of these blogs I even participate in discussion, however...

3) If someone is truly "yearning for God and they desiring community", technology will never be a substitute for real life human contact. As much as I love some of the "communities" I am part of on the net they are not nearly as powerful as connecting with someone face to face.

What are your thoughts???