Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So today was fairly warm by Chicago standards (I didn't have to wear a face mask on my morning run). Things were going well on my jog although the warm weather is what caused my predicament. When it's snowy I stick to the roads because they are cleared almost immediately as it snows. However, since it was warm the side-walks were clear and so I started running on them. They were clear but they were all wet as the ice and snow was melting. I made it about three blocks from our house and as I entered the driveway I realized that it was not wet, but entirely covered in wet, melting, and very slippery ice. Too late!

My momentum had put me on a perilous course. I realized the situation I was in and tried to maintain my footing to no avail as my legs collapsed under me. As I went down I felt a burning sensation in my ankle and heard a sickening pop. I got up and tried to walk it off to no avail. The Doctor says nothing appears to be broken (I am very happy about that). So, no running for a couple of weeks.