Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Story of WWII- Don't Forget!

I just finished reading The Story of World War II by Donald Miller (Not to be confused with the author of Blue Like Jazz). First of all, I was surprised at how the book sucked me in. I normally struggle through history books and find them somewhat tedious, but Miller had a way of writing which made it feel like a novel. Also, I normally read about 100 pages and then lose interest. However, this book kept my attention from beginning to end. The best thing about this however was the way he told the story of WWII chronologically. He went from battle to battle and it was the first time that I had a comprehensive understanding of this war from beginning to end. It was an awful event and hopefully we will never see something like it again. War did not seem glorious or fun, but it was portrayed as a necessary evil (although it may not have been necessary if some good men and women had stood up sooner and rejected evil). If you are looking for a good book and you want to have a better understanding of history, I would recommend this book.