Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chicago Blogs of Note

One of the things I have been slowly doing during my time in the Chicago area is building up a collection of local blogs that I read. This helps me stay connected with what is going on in the area especially as I think in terms of ministry. I wanted to pass these blogs along, and if you know of some other quality blogs that are based out of the Chicago area please leave a link in the comments.

The Suburban Christian This blog is by Christian author Al Hsu and is a proactive discussion on how best one can do ministry in suburbia.

The Great Giveaway This blog is by Pastor, Author and Northern Seminary Professor David Fitch. His church Life on the Vine has really piqued my interest in the way that they think of and practice being the church.

Reformissionary This blog is by Pastor Steve McCoy and is a blog with a finger on the pulse of the church and culture.

Jesus Creed is a blog by author and Professor in Religious Studies at North Park University Scott McKnight. His blog is always well written and thought provoking.

The Fourth Point, Hoffman Neighborhood Life, May I Never Boast Are three different blogs which are written by local pastors John Moody, Jared Ahrens, and Reggie Ramos. We are in a pastors prayer group together and I have enjoyed following their blogs.

Chicago Metblogs Is a blog dedicated to alternative news and happenings in the Chicago area.

The Shema House is a blog by Christians who are dedicated to deep Christian community and living.

Godgrown is a blog I just stumbled upon this week about missionaries Mark and Katrina Willis who are living and working in Chicago and their experience.