Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Advent: A Lost Tradition

My wife loves Christmas! She loves the music, the festivities, being generous to others, being with close friends and families and traditions. She comes from a Roman Catholic background and with that is a love for some of the traditions that I used to scoff at, but have grown to respect and cherish. Over the years, she has led our family in an annual advent tradition. She always makes sure that during the advent season that we pull out the wreath and light the candles for the corresponding weeks.

Each evening after supper our family reads some of the suggested daily readings together and our children learn the meanings of the symbolism behind each tradition. Children already have a natural anticipation of Christmas and the season of advent helps them (and me) prepare ourselves anew for the little baby who is known as Emmanuel and is a light to this world.

What are some of the traditions you have in your house in the midst of the Christmas season?