Monday, December 1, 2008

Retro Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we celebrated with the entire extended family at my Grandparents' house. My Grandpa is in his in his eighties and has lived in the same house his entire life. Over the years he and my Grandmother have collected some quite eclectic items which provide some great eye candy and make each room in their house interesting. Below are some of the ones which caught my eye this week.

This little house has two people, one comes out if it is going to rain and the other if it is going to be sunny. I liked this collection of clothespins. I am not sure why they have my Grandpa's name on them.

Cool old stove.

I think this must be a very old tin toy of a cat.

This jeep has been played with by every grandchild and is now for the great grandchildren. Not sure when it was made, but it is made tough. I remember playing with it when I was a kid.

I like the attention to detail. I mean if you are going to put your name on something, you should add some flair to it.

These chairs are amazingly comfortable. I remember my mom and grandmother snapping beans and shucking corn here in the summertime.

I believe this is a vacuum cleaner.

I think that this radio was from the time when radios were the centerpiece of family entertainment.

This fan still does its job.

As a farmer my Grandpa always liked farm toys.

A plastic bull.

A well loved hat collection.

A very cool radio.