Thursday, January 29, 2009

Innovation3 Follow Up

Ok, so it was very silly of me to think that I could possibly unpack what I heard in the last 24 hours on a blog. It is just not possible. What I will do is try to write out some very brief and pithy main ideas that I am taking away from from specific people who I heard at this conference.

Gary Gaddini- "A missional focus is the greatest discipleship tool for the church."
Brian Mills- God is at always at work everywhere, we must seek him and join him."
Reggie McNeal- "Church is not a "what", church is a "who".
John Jenkins- "The greatest hindrance to the next move of God is the last move of God."
Ed Stetzer- Talked way to fast and said way too much to take away any one thing. He posted his entire notes from his talk at Ed
Nancy Ortberg- "Innovators should have a great list of failures. We must be cautious not to criticise new ideas too soon or too quickly."
Bob Roberts- "Where Hell is breaking loose, God is already there, so let's join Him."
Kent Schaffer- Regarding the use of technology: "At the end of the day the thing that matters is relationship."
Mark DeYmaz- "1 in 2 people in the United States will not be White by 2047 (this according to the US Census Bureau)."
John Bishop- "87% of churches in the USA have plateaued or are declining in members"
Greg Surrat- "How will the attractional model of church hold up in a resource poor environment?"