Thursday, January 1, 2009

Life is Ministry: Looking Back at 2008

If you are new to Life is Ministry than I want to welcome you! I began blogging in 2004 on the Swainlife Blog while I lived in Spain as a way of staying in touch with friends and family. Slowly, over time, that blog morphed from a blog about family news and ministry in Spain to more of my thoughts on how best we, as Christians, live lives of ministry in this changing world.

Over the years I have enjoyed this platform as a way of communicating ways that I am personally being challenged in my own journey of faith in Christ. I believe that that ministry is not reserved for an elite few nor is it limited to churchy stuff and because of that this blog looks at a wide range of issues and how they affect Christians in our ministry to others. If you enjoy what you read then I would invite you to subscribe to the RSS Feed (Go here to find out more about that). I was just looking back over the blog for 2008 and wanted to highlight some of my favorite posts from the past year.

Missing the Point- Searching the scriptures and still missing the heart of God.
Food Crime- A connection of food and violence.
Universal Health Care- A good idea? If not, what can we do better than we are doing now?
Pursuing God in a Technological Age and the Secular versus the Sacred- Two powerful Tozer quotes
Practical Ways to Support A Missionary- This will be especially important in 2009 if financial trends continue in the same direction as 2008.
Ministry in Suburbia- Some of the challenges Christians face as well as some ideas for living and ministering in Suburbia.
Is Christ Divided? Rhetorical question by the Apostle Paul. His answer-"No". Reality in today's world? I doubt it.
Human Trafficking- The new lucrative trend in the black market
What is Necessary to be the/a Church? A look at what we have become and questioning if it is what we should be.
Our First Allegiance- Some thoughts on politics
Addicts Make the Best Church Leaders- Hello, my name is sinner!
Faith of a Mustard Seed- A story of faith in inner-city Chicago.
Will the Real JC Please Stand Up?- Molding Jesus into our image (what???)
Low tech Espresso and Making the Perfect Coffee- This is a gift to my friends who love coffee!