Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sin Begets Sin!

I was reading up on the topic of sin today and I came across a quote that reminded me about the current situation in Israel and Gaza ( the quote is definitely not limited to this situation alone).

"If a man has seen his children die from malnutrition because of medical aid withheld, his village ravished by industry that underpaid and sickened the workers, his voice stifled by a dictatorship that tortured patriots, his priests shot for preaching justice and his wife raped by a plain-clothes death squad-- if, after all this, he rises in wrath and bombs the vehicle of a government official with the officials innocent family inside, who has broken the peace? And can we, by military reprisal, restore the peace? Or will our reprisal only justify the rightness of his rage in his neighbors' minds and raise up ten more in his place?"
Burtchaell, The Giving and Taking of Life, p.221