Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Credit Cards and Passports with RFID (Read From Intelligent Distance)

RFID actually stands for Radio-Frequecy Identification and is a way of automatically tracking items by transmitting and receiving a radio frequency. While this technology can be very beneficial for things like the I-pass on a toll road or for tracking books in a library, it's not a great idea when it comes to tracking individuals or when put on items that contain personal information (especially if it is linked to your bank account).

Earlier this year my wife and I recieved our new Chase cards which touted their new Blink technology. We were not excited that someone could potentially read the information off of our card from a distance and without our permission. So, we contacted Chase and requested new cards, which they did finally send to us after we called several times.

Today, I just saw this video which talks about the use of this technology in U.S. Passports and thought that I would pass it on.