Friday, June 12, 2009

The "Food" we Eat.

Prior to watching Super Size Me several years ago I never gave much thought to food. I ate what tasted good to me and tried not to over do it when it came to junk food. However, watching that documentary made me think more than ever about the kinds of foods that I was putting into my body. Growing up in Christian culture certain things that would hurt your body were always considered taboo. Things like smoking, drinking alcohol, drug abuse, etc... These things were considered destructive to a body that was created in the image of God and the temple of the the spirit not to mention that drugs would cause you you to loose self control. If you lost self control you would more under the influence of the drug than the spirit of God which always leads down a dangerous path.

However, after watching the abuse that 30 Days of eating McDonald's food did to Morgan Spurlock's body (especially his liver) it totally made me reevaluate food. Much of the so called "food" available to us today can be as destructive as drugs and alcohol (if not more so in some cases). "What we eat has changed more in the last forty years than in the last forty thousand," Eric Schlosser writes in Fast Food Nation. Since that time as I have picked up more about how food is made in the USA I have become more and more wary of the "food" here, where it comes from and how it is made.

Freedom to Eat (un)Healthy- I was talking to a friend a while back who thought I was advocating that the government tell us what we can and cannot eat. His point was that we should have the right to eat whatever we feel like eating and the truth is I agree. I pointed out to him that we really are not free to eat what we want because often the choices that are healthy or that are not modified simply aren't available. As hard as you try it is very difficult to eat a diet that is not mostly based on corn products. As our country has found cheaper and cheaper ways to get calories to our tables, we must question at what cost these are taking on our society. It appears that many of the major diseases like heart disease and diabetes are directly linked to these monoculture and genetically modified foods. If you want to eat them that is fine, but we should all have the freedom to know what we are eating.

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