Thursday, March 18, 2010

Important News from the Swain Family

 About a year ago Lori and I took a vacation to go to the Pacific NW and visit our friends Jacob and Tania Bailey. We lived and worked side by side with the Baileys during our time in Spain and upon returning to the states they moved to Salem, OR. Their plan was simple, get a job and pour yourself into loving your neighbors in the local community.
After visiting Lori and I felt a strong desire to move right away to Oregon and join them, but that didn’t seem prudent and we figured it was just a passing whim. However, during the following weeks and months we continued to feel drawn the Pacific NW and I began to hear Oregon talked about everywhere (books, the TV, movies, movies, you name it). Still not wanting to be rash, Lori and I began talking with friends and mentors and as a family we began to pray about what our next steps should be.
So, to make a long story short we have come to the decision to move to Salem, Oregon. In our quest to live out our faith missionally and incarnationally in the community (These two words simply refer to the concept of Life is Ministry) it is our desire to find gainful employment in the Salem/Portland area that will afford us the ability to connect with the local community in Salem. In ministry terminology this is referred to as tent-making (the term comes from the Apostle Paul and his ability to pay the bills by making tents).
We have been very blessed, honored and thankful for our time at Harvest Community Church over the past three years. This time has been extremely valuable and formative in our lives and we have so many great friends at HCC that it has been very difficult decision for us to make. We have felt fully supported and encouraged by Harvest Community Church and its leadership throughout this entire process. We only hope that we have been as much of a blessing to our friends at Harvest, as they have been to us!
Three ways we could use your help at this time:
1) Networking
I just arrived in Portland this morning on a networking trip to Salem and the surrounding areas. I have scheduled some interviews and several meetings over the next couple of days with local business and ministry leaders, but I don’t want my time to go to waste while I am here. If you have in friends in the Salem/Portland area that you feel comfortable connecting me to, then drop me a comment in this post. I would love to connect with as many people as possible while I am on this trip.
2) House for Sale
We have a beautiful 3 bedroom ranch in the Hoffman/Schaumburg area that is for sale. If you or anyone you know is in the market to buy, Cornerstone Reality will be hosting an open house this Saturday from 1-3pm at 605 Mohave St. Hoffman Estates, IL.

3) Prayer

We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your prayers! Moving is never a simple or easy task. We would just ask for your prayers for our family as we plan to make this move.