Thursday, March 4, 2010

Information Overload, Social Networks and the Gospel

Check out this video! Our world has changed rapidly in the last decade. I often am amused when I hear people speak about the Gospel as though it were merely information to be disseminated among the masses. If that is the case then the truth is that it will probably drown in the mass of information overload that the world is just beginning to come into contact with.

ALL THIS INFORMATION MAKES OUR WORLD A VERY NOISY WORLD (why is he shouting?) A world clamoring for community (did you you see how many social networks exist?). I participate in my share of online social networks, but I sometimes wonder if it is like gorging on junk food when what I am really craving is a healthy meal.

What would happen if followers of the way focused more on living the kinds of lives that Jesus called people to? How would that influence the way we think about this Gospel and how we share it with others? What if there was a better kind of social network than the one that is found on twitter, Facebook, and Linked-In? What if people had such amazing conversations and meals together that they did not have time (nor interest) in dropping a 140 character message to an anonymous audience?